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Bouncy Castles Hire UK will provide your public, corporate or private events with the very best in inflatable slides.
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Inflatable Slide Hire
At Bouncy Castles Hire UK. We have three types of slide in stock.

Our smallest is the Bounce and Slide
The Bounce and Slide has a 6' slide attached to the side wall of a 12'x15' Bouncy Castle, giving a total inflatable size of 15'x18'. Suitable for children up to 12 years old, the Bounce and Slide is the best of both. The children can bounce on the bouncy castle then pop through the window and slide down the slide.

Our Bouncy castles with slides are the most popular children's unit during the summer, Our Bounce and Slide for the children comes fully supervised, that is right you can sit down and relax while we take all the stress and strains worrying about your children off of you

The Giant Event Slide
The Event Slide is quite a step up from the Bounce and Slide at the top of the back wall it stands a staggering 25' high. The slide itself has a footprint of 33'x16'. With its bright colours and artwork it will certainly stand out at any event. This Slide is suitable for adult and children use.

The Giant Pro Slide
The Giant Pro Slide, what can we say what a monster, the Pro Slide stands a scary 40' high to the top of the back wall, It has a footprint of 44'x25'. This slide is not for the faint hearted it will take everything you have got to get to the top and then what can we say? Well! There is only one way down. This is a definite must for the bigger events. This unit does need vehicle access to where it is going.

Bungee Run
If you are up for a challenge then the Bungee Run is the inflatable for you. Pick yourself an opponent and prepare for war. You will have three attempts to prove you have the strength and determination to beat your opponent but be careful, the Bungee Run has a habit of pulling you back when you least expect it.

Our Bungee Run is brilliant for team building events

The Bungee Run is for two contestants the aim of the game is: Two contestants are harnessed to bungee cords and you will be given three markers with velco down the middle, Each Contestant has to run the Bungee run and see who gets the marker the furthest.

Depending on your build is and your contestants build we can adjust the bungee rope to make it either easier of harder for you.

We apologise to all of our under 14's as this beast of a Bungee is far too manly for you but don't be too upset, if your waist is too slim for our safely belts you may find yourself joining the kids on the Cup and Saucer ride!

Contact one of our friendly staff today for further information or for a no obligation quote. - Tel: 08456 44 90 55